Contents. 1 Simple boilie recipe:; 2 Top five boilie additives. 2.1 Ourons 500ml Beta Stim Betaine Liquid for Boilies, Particles and Fishing Bait; 2.2 Dynamite Baits XL Liquid Attractants 250ml Bottles; 2.3 Ourons Pure Bloodworm Liquid - 100% Hydrolysate Blood Extract Premium Fishing Carp Attractant; 2.4 Starmer Baits Boilie Bait Making Flavours concentrated 1000 to 1 super strength
They make superb hookbaits for fishing over our Bloodworm Pellets or as alternative hookbaits for fooling the most cautious of fish. Supplied in 12mm or 16mm diameter, in 130g tubs. SKU: TT00015644 Categories: Boilies , Pop-ups